Within four days, this single hashtag had been tweeted an astounding 1.2 million times.

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As of this post in The Breakroom, the tweets are still multiplying and the global conversation about the pervasiveness of violence and sexism against women continues to intensify and grow. It’s hard to keep up. Just try searching the hashtag, and you’ll see for yourself.

Writers struggling to figure out what might have motivated the tragic and senseless murders in the Isla Vista rampage have touched on so many reasons for the attack that it’s possible to give just the short list: Too many video games. Too much violence on TV. Pervasive misogyny in music lyrics. The banality of consumer culture. Mental illness. Male entitlement. Too many guns, too easily acquired. The list goes on, and the picture it paints is pretty bleak. Each and every item on the list is one more enormous stone in the massive wall that often stands between a woman and the many ways that she can contribute to her community, society, and the world.  

Caroline Center trainees, as so many women, are all too familiar with the enormous wall built from sexism and violence. They have experienced this wall and so many more michele obama quoteobstacles that stand in the way of opportunity, education, and meaningful employment.

But, I would also like to think that our trainees’ courage and tenacity, their personal grit and determination – qualities that I observe each and every day – are not only helping to break down this wall, but are also linking them to a vast global sisterhood that is awakening and enlightening the world through the sheer power of a collective voice.

For every woman who finds herself standing before a seemingly impenetrable wall, the women of Caroline Center offer these words from “Here I Stand,” a poem from What It Takes.

This wall, this deck that’s been stacked against me .  .  .

. . . I no longer accept it. It’s indefensible.

This fortified blockade. This callous deck. This house of cards that I’ve been dealt.

It’s time to blow right through it. Bring it crashing down.

I can do it, too. Don’t bet against me.     B&W pic for blog

‘Cause I’m a force of nature.

All women .  .  . all of us .  .  . working together, have what it takes to make positive change and to make it last. Caroline Center works hard every day to educate women, to empower and prepare women for work, and to make positive change possible for women and their families. The results of this work can be seen in the more than 2,000 women who are working in sustainable careers in Baltimore because Caroline Center opened a door – because we know what women face and we care.

Caroline Center acknowledges – YesAllWomen confront obstacles in their lives – and Caroline Center affirms – YesAllWomen have the power to bring a seemingly insurmountable wall crashing down. We know that Caroline Center graduates definitely have what it takes.

Do you?

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2 Responses to #YesAllWomen

  1. caroline center says:

    The Breakroom will take a little break from publishing during the month of August. While you are vacationing or stay-cationing, we invite you to peruse our earlier published blogs, like them and share them on Facebook. New monthly posts in The Breakroom will pick up again in September. Have a great summer, and thank you for taking time to visit The Breakroom.

  2. Thk GOD i ‘ve finally found Caroline Center website who cares for Women who are lost n don’t know how to start living their lives fruitfully,i’m desperately seeking free education to upgrade myself n be like the women you helped to stand for themselves with high hopes n courage to believe in their selves that they too,can make a difference,n make their families proud of them n live a life much,much better. I hope i can apply in November n pass the test to be eligible in you program.I’m so thankful for ur devotion n passion to help women empower themselves n make their dreams a reality,God bless Caroline Center!!!!

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