About Caroline Center

Caroline Center creates positive change for Baltimore women and their families through a tuition-free, comprehensive, and highly effective education and career skills training program leading to meaningful employment and opportunities for career and educational advancement. The 15-week course of study preparing women to work as certified/geriatric nursing assistants and pharmacy technicians is offered in East Baltimore at Caroline Center, Somerset Street and in West Baltimore at Caroline Center, Gibbons Commons. The career skills training  program is certified by the Maryland Higher Education Commission with teaching that is inspired by the School Sisters of Notre Dame. Since 1996, Caroline Center has prepared more than 2,500 women for successful careers and lives – an experience that all alumnae tell us absolutely changed their lives. Maybe more importantly, there are many alumnae who tell us that this education quite literally saved their lives.

About The Breakroom

Welcome to The Breakroom. Have a cup of coffee with us and discover what it takes for women to create better lives through meaningful work. In The Breakroom, you will find everything about women and work except the gossip. Come to The Breakroom to hear personal stories, to get the facts, to understand the challenges and struggles, to be inspired and enlightened – and, hopefully, to connect with the people and a small, but powerful place in Baltimore that will change your life for good.

A new blog post will be ready for you each month, and I invite your comments. From time to time, I’ll include a photograph of the world-in-miniature that exists in the two-and-a-half miles between my house and Caroline Center, Somerset Street and also in the West Baltimore neighborhoods that are part of my frequent travels to Caroline Center, Gibbons Commons. Everything that can happen happens here.

About the Writer

My name is Nancy Sherman, and I began writing The Breakroom in February 2014. I’m a late-bloomer. Just about everything good in my life came late – my children, playing the hammered dulcimer, learning to knit, traveling, and discovering Caroline Center. Some good things have always been part of my life, however, like writing poetry, listening to public radio, and reading lots of books. I grew up in the heart of Anacostia in southeast Washington, DC, which taught me everything I know about loving cities and living in them. In Baltimore, we say you come from one side of the city or the other. I’m from the east side.

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